Amalgamations 2011-2012

“Anne Kolin identifies her empathic collage artworks as “bodies wrapped and enveloped in a new skin that will happen to be a place where chance, time and color can meet.” Skin, for Anne Kolin, is an erotogenic zone. It is a psychic envelope, a sense organ in and on which dwell attachments, libido and destructive impulses. Her collages use reconstituted scraps of paper ripped from magazine ads, old newspapers and fragments from public billboards and posters that are then reworked with pigments and mixed media. The viewer experiences layered and often translucent surfaces that embody simultaneous, multiple, and contradictory readings.”

Dominique Nahas (*), Non Objectivity, Walter Wickiser Gallery, 2011

(*) Dominique Nahas is an independent critic and curator based in Manhattan. He teaches critical theory at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute of Art.